Across Time is an off-shoot of another campaign called Out of the Past, which spans various periods throughout history. For our purposes, we are mainly concerned with the Medieval period around the year 1370. In time, this very well may (and hopefully will) go on to cover other eras as well. This page was made mainly to draw a distinction between materials pertaining to my games and those of the other GM. The two campaigns are, nevertheless, in a shared continuity. With that being said, there will be a significant element of established world building. Beyond that, however, I see this as an opportunity for us to add to it further. That is all the more reason why I encourage those of you who will be involved in this game to make the effort to really develop your characters and immerse yourselves. The foray into RPG’s is an exciting one, and I look forward to making it together.

Best of luck

Across Time

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